Fine Furnishings Show Exhibitor Milwaukee

Fine Furnishings Show Exhibitor Milwaukee

Fine Furnishings Showroom

Fine Furnishings Showroom

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Fine Furnishings Show Milwaukee

The Fine Furnishings Show

On October 05, 2009 - By Zachary Bitner

I just got back from the Fine Furnishings Show in Milwaukee. There were many great people exhibiting at the show. We had a lot of really positive interest in the chairs. Jaws were literally dropping when I lifted the chairs with one hand. Customers really thought they were cement. Really exciting to see the concept come to fruition and be accepted and understood by so many. Thanks to all that helped throughout the weekend. The show was so good I'm contemplating doing the Providence show if possible.

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Zachary A. creates intriguing contemporary furniture for the indoors and out. This collection is designed to appear (and endure) like sculptured concrete at a fraction of the weight.Treated for a modern, weathered look, these earthy yet sophisticated home accents are an elegant juxtaposition of old and new.

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