Garden Chic, Gen X Wants a Custom Look, Even in Non-Custom Items by Maureen Gilmer

On the opposite end of preferences among these young consumers is the recent wave of interest in handmade or ethnic garden decor. These items emphasize the human aspect, a hands-on approach, a wabi-sabi imperfection that stands in striking contrast with the newly manufactured, identical, often-sterile mass market world.
On October 11, 2011 - By Zachary Bitner

I was reading this months Garden Chic where Maureen Gilmer talks about some gen X/Y-ers wanting products that have a human touch. I think a lot about where my pieces fit in the grand scheme of the design world. In many ways I am within this trend. I want an original, one off look and use a manufacturing process akin to mass market (yet I'm not "mass"). This rings true to what I am trying to do with furniture. Creating reproducible high design furniture that doesn't have a reproduced look.

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