FFS Showroom Moss Green

FFS Showroom Moss Green

FFS Showroom

FFS Showroom

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Fine Furnishings Show Providence, RI 2009 Showroom
Fine Furnishings Show Providence, RI 2009

Back From Rhode Island

On October 27, 2009 - By Zachary Bitner

We had a great time in Rhode Island this weekend. It was quite a drive from Chicago, but we met some great people at the Fine Furnishings Show. The Van Dyke Chairs made a lot of people smile when they sat down and realized how comfortable they were. Being in that environment gave me a lot of new ideas. I think my booth improved quite a bit from Milwaukee. I'm looking forward to filling the orders ahead and planning more shows in the future.

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Zachary A. creates intriguing contemporary furniture for the indoors and out. This collection is designed to appear (and endure) like sculptured concrete at a fraction of the weight.Treated for a modern, weathered look, these earthy yet sophisticated home accents are an elegant juxtaposition of old and new.

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